One Life at a Time is committed  to reaching out to ALL individuals who are actively trying to obtain and retain gainful employment.  In an effort to reach out, we have decided to partner with the Probate Court System.

Partnering with the Probate courts will enable us to expand our services and provide necessary couseling to those recently released and anxious to meet the needs of their families.   Our Career Counselors will take an active role by arranging “one on one’s” with those who require our services at court appointed satelitte offices.

Additionally, we recently partnered with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) helping  young adults aging out of the foster care system.  We designed a comprehensive job ready program designed specifically for their age group to assist them with their job search.    Upon completion of the job ready program we offer placement services steering them in the direction of becoming financially independent.

We also designed a summer program for the teens in conjuction with Bay State Community Services to assist those still enrolled in high school seeking part time employment.

Partnering with Department of Transitional Assistance with career services and placement assistance for clients in their back to work program.