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Your donation will help an individual in recovery pursue a better life through support services, career development training and mentoring. They receive career planning, computer training, skills assessments, resume preparation, interviewing skills, office etiquette training, image consultations, job search planning and job placement assistance. Additionally they will receive assistance in their ongoing recovery efforts, housing and residential assistance, and followup services for two years from the conclusion of their time on our program. Donations will assist in these ventures and help us build critical partnerships with local employers which will allow us to find quality jobs for our clients.

One Life at a Time isn’t giving up on those in need, and neither should you. Please consider giving to one of our specific causes to continue our mission of providing services to the disadvantaged and displaced, especially during the COVID pandemic. As we continue to evolve our delivery to provide services to as many individuals as possible, we are asking for specific help in building out the future of our remote and virtual instructional programs.

Sober and Recovery Home Virtual Setup $2,000.00

Help us defray the cost of bringing virtual instruction and sober support and counseling directly to those in need. Each technology package includes a laptop, monitor, high definition web camera, speakers, mouse, keyboard, a desk setup, and Microsoft Office software package to be placed into a sober home and used to deliver our programs directly to the house participants. One Life At A Time has already installed packages in 20 sober homes in Calendar 2020, and we are looking to complete an additional 50 installations by the end of the year.

Client in Recovery Scholarship $5,000.00

Our mission is to provide support and career services to high risk individuals through our program offerings. The Scholarship donation provides financing to relieve the stress of trying to make ends meet while in our program, so that the client can focus on their sobriety and training throughout the four week program. The scholarship funds will offset the costs of rent to the sober home during the class period, public or private transportation to and from the program while in attendance, career and recovering counseling, clothing assistance to provide clients with an appropriate wardrobe as their reenter the workforce, and offsets the cost of ongoing counseling and support services for two years following their participation in the class. Each scholarship that is donated will be acknowledged in the lobby area of the One Life at a Time Offices, and each donor will receive a profile and status updates on the client their funds helped through the program, and helped in life.

Classroom Virtualization Package $30,000.00

Help us continue our mission to provide virtual instructional services in the new COVID environment. The Classroom Virtualization Package will allow us to produce high quality live, recorded, and on demand virtual content directly to the sober homes. These services, in addition to our high quality in classroom programs will enable us to reach the most vulnerable clients no matter what is happening in the world.

Additional Classroom Package $20,000.00

Help us build out a second classroom area in order to provide additional in person and virtual classroom instruction. Due to COVID social distancing guidelines, there is a limitation on the number of clients that can be in the classroom at any one time. A second classroom will allow us to service more in person individuals, as well as offer more flexibility in offering concurrent classes for a more diverse population.

Virtual Instructor Equipment $2,500.00

Help us to upgrade our instructor equipment, and outfit our staff and instructional staff with the appropriate equipment to provide great and dynamic content to all clients that need assistance. Instructor packages will allow for additional one-on-one meeting and counseling time with clients, especially during off business hours including potentially nights, weekends, and holidays.

One Life At A Time | Workshop AssistanceWe invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to help us in our mission by either sending a check to One Life at a Time or by donating online through PayPal by clicking the secure Donate button below.

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One Life at a Time is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our tax ID is 20-8101668

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